Milnar Organ 



Holy Spirit Catholic Church

 Huntsville, AL

Project Completed 1990


In the Spring of 1989 a devastating tornado ripped through the center of Huntsville Alabama. Holy Spirit was in the center of its path. The organist John Hoffman heard the roar of the twister and left his office.  He grabbed the music secretary and they laid face down in an enclosed hall sparring their lives. A picture of the damaged church and organ went around the country on the AP wire. We were in a neighboring city and were on the scene the following morning. Airport Road where the church stands literately looked like a war zone. Large heavy-duty streetlights were twisted like pretzels.

We were able to save most of the pipe work and the Swell division but had to build everything else new. What was kept had to be thoroughly rebuilt. We built a new draw knob console with a multilevel combination system. Son Jeff Milnar, constructed the console with some finely detailed wood inlays mixing walnut with oak. We had to build a new 16’Bourdon and incorporated a second smaller wind way to give it the capability of a second softer Lieblich sound. With a new design, some additional pipe work, rebuilding and revoicing of the saved pipe work the organ came back to life stronger and finer than it was before the tornado. John Hoffman and Marcia Connell gave the dedicatory recital.

Church of the Nativity in Huntsville, AL


Great Swell Pedal
4' Octave  4' Clarion 8' Trompette
8' Diapason 2' Flute  4' Choral Bass
8' Dulciana 4' Principal  8' Bass Flute
4' Nachtorn 8' Salicional 16' Gedeckt
4' Bourdon 8' Oboe 16' Principal
II Mixture 2 2/3' Nasard 16' Contra Tromp.
Gt to Gt 16' 8' Voix Celeste 8' Bourdon
15th 2' Swell to Swell 16  8' Principal
Great Unison Off Swell Unison Off 16' Subbass
English Bells Swell to Swell 4  
2 2/3 12th     


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