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Exclusive talent and ability, refined in over three generations of tradition.
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  Dennis Milnar - Founder

Milnar Organ Company LLC. has been in business for more than 49 years and stretches three generations. We are dedicated to building and maintaining pipe organs to the utmost quality. Dennis and Connie Milnar founded the company in 1968. The company started in the basement of their home in the Green Hills area of Nashville, TN. They moved the business to its current location, Eagleville, TN in 1976. Their four sons became partners in the company, which formed the LLC.

The Organ shop is located on a beautiful hilltop named "Cole Knob". It over looks two ponds and rolling hills all around. This facility has thousands of square feet of workspace. The shop is divided into several departments: office, woodworking, pipe servicing, voicing area, solid-state electrical, leathering and an erecting area. The erecting building with a 24' ceiling, allows us to completely assemble an instrument prior to delivery. For storage purposes, we acquired a 40'X60' temperature controlled building, located one half mile from the shop. Our ability to construct an entire organ on our own premises is the most important component in our quality control. The building of windchests, consoles, bellows, casework etc., often outsourced by our competitors, are all accomplished by our own staff members. Supply is kept to a very limited number of firms with whom we have long-established professional relationships, and on whom we can rely to provide us with parts and materials exactly as we specify them. Low quality components are never used, only the best and longest lasting parts are good enough for inclusion in a Milnar organ.

Many of the employees of Milnar Organ Co. are members of the American Institute of Organbuilders and American Guild Of Organists. Members of The American Institute of Organbuilders are individuals who are dedicated to the highest standard of professionalism, integrity and competence. Our company is also a member of the International Society of Organ Builders. Our stable workforce is the key to the strength of the company. Many have tenure at our firm of more than 20 years. New hires spend seven years as apprentices, moving through the various departments of the firm to gain all-around experience as organbuilders before specializing in a chosen area.

Pipe organs are the largest of musical instruments, delicate hybrids of machinery and artwork. They are predominantly instruments built for places of worship and to the glory of God. As such, the primary function of the instrument is to aid the congregation in worshipping.  The pipe organ first became popular in churches in the 15th century. Before then, it was used for pure music entertainment, dating back before the birth of Christ. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the pipe organ was perhaps the highest-tech device to be found. Pipe organ building is a profession rich with tradition, skill, and craftsmanship. In an age when unprecedented changes are occurring all around us, the pipe organ remains a symbol of longevity and quality.

Each of our organs is individually conceived as a work of functional art. The design and construction of each instrument is approached through a demanding artistic discipline. Much of our work remains distinctly old fashioned. We care for pipe organs in traditional methods which result in proven, reliable service. All Milnar organs are solidly engineered  and built for generations of reliable service. We lavish attention on many small details of construction, all of which directly contribute to our organ's visual beauty, nobility of tone and long lives. We are creating instruments that are truly awe-inspiring, as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear.

A lasting creation of beauty, each pipe organ we construct is hand-tooled by our highly skilled craftsmen and represents the finest in American pipe organ building. We start with computerized drawings to allow us to plan and build each component of the organ. To confirm that your instrument meets our high standard of quality, each component is tested and the entire organ is assembled before leaving our shop. Our installation team, which includes the craftsmen who built the organ, transports it to your location. Once the instrument is installed, our tonal team completes the task of final tonal regulation of each pipe in the instrument. Arduous attention to detail ensures that your new Milnar pipe organ will beautifully and reliably serve your congregation for generations.

Within this web site, you can become acquainted with our History, Services, Past Projects, Sale Items, Links, Staff, About Us, and Contact Us. For fundraising techniques for a new pipe organ or addition, and the vast difference between the pipe organ and electronic organ, visit our services page in the consultation section. We will periodically update our site content, so be sure to visit often. Welcome to our web site!

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We are proud to be the service technicians of the Schermerhorn Symphony Centerís pipe organ.





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