Milnar Organ 



St. Timothy Lutheran Church

 Hendersonville, TN

Project Completed 1998


To build an organ of fourteen ranks capable of leading congregational singing and filling the varied musical requirements of the Lutheran Church was a challenge. This had to be an eclectic instrument. The brass Trumpet En Chamade, the only reed in the organ, was our first challenge. A French parallel schallot would have been too strong and penetrating. This had to be a good blending chorus reed, but we still wanted to keep it exciting. We chose a slightly tapered schallot between an English and a German schallot. The 8' Bass had to blend without the benefit of being an En Chamade, as the pipes sit on the wind chest in the normal vertical position. The top of the resonator was cut twice at an angle of 22.5 degrees; the pieces turned and resoldered formed a 90 degree angle and gave us the horizontal projection we needed.

The Great Principal is 75% tin. The façade pipes and the Swell 8' Bourdon were made for us by A.R. Shopps & Sons of Ohio. The Great Mixture was built by Giesecke of Germany, and the Swell Principal and Great Rohr Flute came from the Czech Republic. The pipes came to us unvoiced. Todd Milnar did all the pre-voicing in our shop. Like all organ builders today, we recycle good pipes where possible. The Swell strings dated 1903 were made and signed by "Gottfried". Students of American organ building know he was the premier pipe maker around 1900.

The architects and the church were very receptive to our suggestions of wall and floor textures for an enhanced acoustical environment. We brought the organ in before the pews were installed and the room was extremely live. The presence of the pews brought a controlling effect to the acoustical environment without taking away the excitement of the room. We actually increased our volume levels and raised the wind pressure of the Swell to 3.25" w.c. and the Pedal to 4.2" w.c.. We scaled the Swell Bourdon generously and voiced it to have a light chiff. It is a good foil for the Great Rohr Flute and still gives the bass support necessary for the Swell.

The console, with its adjustable bench and music rack, can be made comfortable for all organists. It is equipped with the latest solid-state switching and multiplex relays. It has thirty-two levels of memory with twenty general pistons. It is also equipped with full MIDI, all set for the new millennium!




Great Swell Pedal
8' Principal 8' Bourdon 8' Trumpet Great
8' Rohrflute 8' Salicional 8' Principal Great
4' Octave TC 8' Celeste TC 8' Gedeckt ext
4' Spill Flute 4' Principal 4' Octave Great
2' Principal 4' Flute 4' Gedeckt ext
2' Flute 2 2/3' Nazard 16' Gedeckt
2' III Mixture 2' Octave 16' Trumpet Prepared
8' Trumpet  1 3/5' Tierce  Great to Pedal
Great 16 8' Oboe Prepared Great to Pedal 4
Unison off Tremolo Swell to Pedal
Great 4 Swell 16 Swell to Pedal 4
Swell to Great 16 Unison off Midi to Pedal
Swell to Great 8 Swell 4  
Swell to Great 4 Midi to Swell  
Midi to Great    


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