Milnar Organ 





First United Methodist

 Fayetteville, TN

Project Completed 2016

     Located in the heart of Fayettville since 1848, First United Methodist has a beautiful Felgemaker Opus 1214 pipe organ. Our firm rebuilt the instrument in 1977. This summer we built a new wind chest from Tennessee yellow popular and installed a new 4 octave in the Great division. It has 73 pipes so it can play at the 4 and 2 pitches. We also added a set of pipes in the Swell division. The 8 Aeoline, that was too soft to be useable was removed to make space for a like new 2 2/3 Nazard from our stock. A new rack board was made to replace the Aeoline board and when installed, it fit perfectly.  The chimes were moved to make room for the new 4 Octave chest and placed outside of the organ on the right side wall of the choir loft. The new stops filled the gaps in the stop list which were mostly 8 ranks. The church is raising funds for a new 8 Oboe and 1 3/5 Tierce for their Swell division.

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