Milnar Organ 



First Presbyterian Church

 Franklin, TN

Project Completed 1994


We originally installed this organ in what is now called the Historic Presbyterian Church in downtown Franklin, TN in 1978. A platform was built over the Choir to house the instrument. The space for the instrument was small and the stop list was limited. When the First Presbyterian Church moved to its new location we were able to work with the architects from the beginning of the design process. Baird Dixon of Nashville was very receptive to our suggestions.

We ended up with a very acoustically live room with the organ above and behind the Choir, on the central axis of the room. We totally re-designed the organ both esthetically and tonally. The curved façade incorporates a new fifty-six note Pedal Principal and a new 8' Great Principal. We increased the Mixture to III ranks and added a new 8' Great Trumpet that extends to a full-length 16' Trumpet in the Pedal. The new capped Oboe in the Swell has a very warm sound. The console was enlarged and updated with multi-level solid-state memory. We had room under the organ floor and used it for the blower, tremolo and pneumatic action swell machine; resulting in a very quiet operation. Because of the organ location and the hard surfaces throughout the room, this modest size instrument has a commanding presence.

The First Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN






Swell Pedal
8'   Principal 8'   Rohrflote 16'   Principal
8'   Bourdon 8'   Viola 16'   Subbass
4'   Octave 8'   Viola Celeste 16'   Lieblich Gedeckt
4'   Gedeckt 4'   Waldflote 8'     Principal
2'   Blockflote 2 2/3' Nasat Rohr 8'     Bourdon
III  Mixture 2'   Weit Principal 4'     Choral Bass
8'   Trumpet 2'    Rohrflote ext 4'     Gedeckt
Swell to Great 16 8'    Oboe 16'   Trumpet
Swell to Great 8 Tremulant Great to Pedal
Swell to Great 4 Swell to Swell 16 Swell to Pedal
Chimes Swell Unison  
  Swell to Swell 4  



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