Milnar Organ 





East End Methodist

 Nashville, TN

Project Completed 2016

     East End United Methodist is in a historic area of Nashville. The church just celebrated its 125th year anniversary. They have a Hillgreen-Lane pipe organ that is in the front of the sanctuary. This summer they had a new wooden floor layed in the choir area and fresh paint throughout. We were contracted to remove the façade pipes and cover the organ during the project. The façade pipes needed a fresh look, so the church wanted us to repair and paint the pipes. All dents were removed, new scrolls added, and 2 coats of paint were applied. Before reinstalling the façade pipes, we replaced all felt bumpers and added rubber tubing on rack support to avoid rattling. The project turned out looking great.


Hillgreen-Lane - 1913

Opus 312
11 ranks
2 manual stoptab console

Great (Manual I) - 61 notes
Open Diapason 8’
Flute 8’


Melodia 8’
Aeoline (8’)
Dulciana 8’
Swell (Manual II) - 61 notes
Diapason 8’
Gedeckt 8’

Salicional 8’
Oboe Gamba 8’
Flute 4’
Pedal - 32 notes
Bourdon 16’
Flute 8’


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