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New Custom Residence Pipe Organs For Sale

Most organists only dream of having their own Pipe Organ in their home. A few used practice organs (mainly from Universities) reach the market each year and are sold very quickly. We are here to fill that demand. From one extended rank of pipes to 10 or 20 ranks, we can customize an organ that can fit your room both visually and tonally. Let us build a pipe organ that suits you. Donít wait for a used organ, designed for a very small room with small scaling. A hand crafted Milnar residence organ is a proven pipe organ solution where space, acoustics, or financial resources are an issue. We donít regard only large organs with a lot of stops as valid musical instruments. Small organs are designed and constructed by us with the same precision down to the last detail.

 The advent of combination organs has allowed our firm to bring true pipe sounds into homes that might not have been able to afford a complete pipe organ. Residence pipe organs can be enhanced with our digital voices. Our digital voices can be controlled via a MIDI connection, or can be wired directly to the organís existing controls. All digital voices can be easily voiced and controlled to provide a close copy of real pipes. In certain situations, if our designers feel that space or finances are insufficient to build an all-pipe instrument, we can properly fulfill all of the requirements of the client. For situations such as these, we can create a custom combination organ. Combination organs make use of both wind-blown pipes and digitally produced stops to create an entire instrument. With the majority of the organís sound produced by pipes, we can then add additional stops. These additions will make an organ more versatile and interesting, to complete the tonal palette.

The importance and value of a Milnar organ is determined mostly by artistic criterion. The sound and the technology shall fulfill the highest demands. Itís only natural that the exterior workmanship of organs built in our workshop reflects the interior values. Each residence organ built by our firm is individual, made by an engaged team of organ builders. They are designed by skilled craftsmen and voiced by experienced voicers. The possession of a Milnar residence organ is the possession of an original work of art. We build organs using direct valve electric action. An electro-magnet is mounted under each pipe. We bore an oversized magnet hole to create a wind expansion chamber to help control pipe speech. Using this type of action, allows us to easily access several pitches (stops) from each rank. It also allows you to easily add to the organ without reconfiguring the entire instrument.

            It is important however to design your final specification initially so you do have a set plan to follow. The starter organ could have the total stop tabs needed for the future completed organ. Each new rank could easily be added by us or, if you're so inclined, by you, using our detailed instructions. Casework would be optional and dependent on your personal situation. Milnar residence organs are not stock models we repeat. You design your specification to suit yourself. We offer specifications to assist you in laying out your own design; this will serve as a guide so we may establish a close price estimate of your particular instrument.

            Please read about the organ we built for Mr. Cal Turner Jr. in our Past Projects section of our website: It was featured on the front cover of the April 2009 issue of the ďDiapasonĒ an international monthly publication. Granted, the Turner organ is at the higher end of residential organs, but I wanted you to see our capabilities. Most home organs have three to four extended ranks. Ideally, you would want to have at least one rank of each basic type of organ tone; a principal, string and flute. A reed would be nice, but is the most expensive and you could get a similar tone from mutation pitches drawn from the basic flute pipe tones.

    To get started, we would need the following details:

         Ceiling Height

         Max width and length of area            

         Floor material

         If carpet, does it have a pad

         Wall and ceiling material

         Do you have a price range we can work with

         Elevation (Height above sea level)

         Desired stop list

Remember, an 8í Principal 1-85 can be played as an 8í, 4í, 2 2/3í, 2í, 1í on one manual or both and in the pedal.                                   

 (Pictures of Mr. Cal Turner Jr.ís 16 rank residence organ.)



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