Milnar Organ 




Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church
Mt. Pleasant, TN

Project Completed 2000


     Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian has a beautiful 1900 George Kilgen and Son pipe organ. We were contracted to refurbish the organ, so we removed the organ and transported to our shop facility. All leather was replaced on bellows, stoppers, and coupler connecting points. The Great, Swell and Pedal trackers were all replaced and we recovered the internal chest pallets. The Oboe reed was cleaned too include polishing tongue, schallot and tuning wires. New leather nuts were installed on couplers, key boards and tracker squares. The pedalboard was refurbished and a new blower bag was installed. The chest toeboards were removed and sliders graphited for smoother action. We also removed the blower and had new bearings installed in the motor. The project turned out wonderful!


Geo. Kilgen and Son - c. 1900

Complete rebuilding and reassembly by Milnar Organ Co. - 2000
11 ranks
2 manual draw knob console

Great (Manual I) - 61 notes
Open Diapason 8
Dulciana 8 (T.C.)
Unison Bass 8

Melodia 8 (T.C.)
Octave 4
Fifteenth 2 
Swell (Manual II) - 61 notes
St. Diapason Bass 8
St. Diapason 8 (T.C.)
Salicional 8 (T.C.)
Aeoline 8 (T.C.)

Flute Harmonique 4
Oboe 8 (T.C.)
Bellows Signal
Swell Tremolo
Pedal - 27 notes
Bourdon 16

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