Milnar Organ 




First United Methodist Church

 Murfreesboro, TN

Project Completed 2003


First United Methodist Church was organized in 1820 and has grown to 2,200 members . The Church outgrew its original location on Church Street and moved to a new 13 million dollar; 90,000 square-foot building on Thompson Lane. The new building is an awesome sight with its 87’ ceiling in the sanctuary. In 1975, Milnar Organ Co. built a new three-manual organ for the church, incorporating parts of the original Wicks instrument and one set of mahogany Spanish flutes. The Spanish flute was from the Aeolian Organ at Vanderbilt University. Then in 1993, a new 4’ Harmonic Flute in the Swell along with some additional tonal and mechanical improvements was installed. The church asked Milnar Organ Co. to redesign and move the organ into the new sanctuary.

We were very excited about the move due to the changes made by the new room available and the upgrades to the organ. There is a beautiful new façade made up of a new polished 16’ Principal and 16’ Violone. We added a total of thirteen new ranks of pipes with a high powered 32’ electronic extension of a full-length 16’ Pedal Trombone. We added a second expression division in the Choir, incorporating much of the Positive division. We upgraded the console with 99 levels of solid-state memory MSP 1000. Programmable crescendo and sforzando were added along with new draw knob jambs with new draw knobs and rocker tablets. All new multiplex relay system with new 16-stage Swell and Choir expression machines were also added. It was really nice to have a local job. No need for late nights and little overtime required. The new building is beautiful and the new façade addition in the sanctuary put the icing on the cake.


Organ Dedication Recital November 23, 2003

Dr. Murry Forbes Somerville

Dr. Murry Forbes Somerville is the Director of Music at St. George's Episcopal Church in Nashville, TN.  He began his ministry there in Sept. 2003 after thirteen years as University Organist and Choirmaster at Harvard University in Cambridge, M.A.

Dr. Somerville has presented over one hundred organ recitals on three continents, in such diverse locals as the Cathedral in Harare, Zimbabwe, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral in London.  The American Record Guide has described his organ recordings as "incomparable," and ranked his Bach CD as "the best".  This concert marks his Nashville area recital debut.

Program Part I

Program Part II

Program Part III




Pedal Great Swell
II   Mixture 1 3/5 Tierce 1 1/3 Larigot
4'   Choral Bass IV     Mixture IV     Plein Jeu
4'   Clarion 2'      Blockflote 2'      Waldflote
4'   Rohr Flote 2'      Principal 4'      Principal
8'   Bourdon 2 2/3 Nazard 4'      Flute Harmonique
8'   Principal 4'      Octave 4'      Clairion
8'   Violone 4'      Holhflote 8'      Principal
8'   Hautbois 8'      Rohrflote 8'      Bourdon
8'   Trompette 8'      Violone 8'      Viole
16'  Bombarde 8'      Principal 8'      Viole Celeste
16'  Basson 8'      Trompette 8'      Trompette
16'  Principal 16'    Violone 8'      Hautbois
16'  Violone 16'    Trompette 16'    Bourdon
16'  Subbass          Chimes 16'    Basson
16'  Bourdon            Tremulant
32'  Resultant    
32'  Bombarde    
1 3/5 Tierce    
III     Mixture    
2'      Principal    
2 2/3 Nasat    
4'      Principal    
4'      Koppelflote    
4'      Clarion    
8'      Spanish Flute    
8'      Dulciana    
8'      Unda Maris    
8'      Clarinet    
8'      Fagott    


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