Milnar Organ 







Holy Trinity Lutheran Church


Nashville, TN


Project Completed 2002



Holy Trinity Lutheran Church of Nashville, TN sold their original building on West End Ave. to a developer of high-end apartments and built a beautiful new church on Sneed Road.  The new worship space and facility was designed by Bauer & Associates.  The innovative design won an Award of Excellence.  We worked with the firm from the beginning, and they were very open and cooperative to our recommendations about acoustics and design.  We enlarged, upgraded and redesigned their 1981 Milnar pipe organ to fit the enhanced environment.  The result is an exciting instrument both tonally and visually.









          PEDAL                                                 GREAT


     16      Principal                                       8  Principal

     16      Bourdon                                       8  Bourdon

     16      Lieblich Gedeckt                          8  Gemshorn 

      8       Principal                                       4  Octave

      8       Bourdon                                       4  Hohlflute 

      8       Gemshorn                                    2  Weit Principal

      4       Choral Bass                                 III  Mixture 

      4       Hohlflute                                      II  Sesquialtera 

      II       Mixture                                        8  Trumpet

     16      Trumpet                                           Swell to Great 16    

     16      Oboe                                                Swell to Great   8

      8       Trumpet                                           Swell to Great   4

      8       Oboe  SW

               Great to Pedal 8

               Great to Pedal 4

               Swell to Pedal 8

               Swell to Pedal 4





      8       Rohrflute

      8       Viola

      8       Viola Celeste

      4       Principal

      4       Koppleflute

    2 2/3  Nasat 

      2       Rohrflute 

      II       Cymbal

     16      Oboe 

      8       Trumpet 

      8       Oboe 


               Swell to Swell 16

               Swell to Swell  4





Organ Rededication Recital By William R. Gable

April 7th 2002  4pm


Litanies                                             Jehan Alain

Chant De Paix                                   Jean Langlais

How Fair and How Pleasant              Marcel Dupre

Praeludium Und Fugue on Bach         Franz Liszt

Aria                                                  Flor Peeters

Legend of the Mountain                     Sigfrid Karg-Elert

Fantaisie in F Minor                          Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart

Benedictus                                         Francois Couperin

Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor      J.S. Bach


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