Milnar Organ 



Highland Baptist Church

Florence, AL

Project Completed 2003


Highland Baptist Church is located in the city of  Florence, Alabama.  Their location on Simpson Street needed renovations; but was so outdated, the entire sanctuary was demolished and rebuilt in the same location.  A new state-of-the-art 1000 seat auditorium was constructed. The 1964 Schantz three-manual organ needed to be disassembled and stored until the new sanctuary was completed. Milnar Organ Co. was contracted by Highland Baptist to remove the organ, make several repairs, and redesign the organ for the new worship center.  All parts of the organ being repaired or rebuilt where transported to our shop facility in Eagleville, TN. 

We were very excited about the move due to the changes made by the new room and upgrades to the organ. There is a beautiful new facade using pipes of the 16’ Pedal Principal and 8’ Great Principal, and 16’ Bourdon.  Six of the 16’ Principal pipes were mitered.  We had to straighten and re-solder them before the gold paint was applied. New wind chests were built to support the new facade.  The console was totally rebuilt and upgraded with a new solid-state 32-level combination action.  Multiplex relays and switches brought the organ's electrical system to today’s standards.  All the cotton- coated DC cables were replaced with PVC coated cables.  The new facade layout and upgrades to the console, makes the organ as state-of-the-art as the new auditorium.  The congregation had their dedication of the building on Jan 18th 2004.



           PEDAL                                                       GREAT

     16      Principal                                8      Open Diap.

     16      Bourdon                                8      Bourdon

     16      Rohrflote                               4      Octave

      8       Octave                                   2      Fifteenth

      8       Bourdon                                IV    Mixture

      8       Rohrflote                                       Chimes

      4       Super Octave                                 Great 16

     16      Contre-Trompette                          Great Unison

      8       Trompette                                     Great 4

      4       Clarion                                          MIDI to GT

               MIDI to PD


        SWELL                                           CHOIR

      8       Viola                                     8      Gedeckt

      8       Viola Celeste                         8       Erzahler

      8       Rohrflote                               8      Erzahler

      4       Spitz Principal                       4       Koppelflote

      4       Harmonic Flute                    2 2/3   Nasat

      2       Flautino                                  2      Flote

      III     Plein Jeu                               1 3/5   Terz

      8       Trompette                              8       Bombarde

      4       Clarion                                   8       Oboe

              Tremolo                                          Tremolo


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