Milnar Organ 



First United Methodist Church

Huntsville, AL

 Project Completed 2004


First United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama decided to completely renovate their sanctuary.  What a great time to make additions to the organ!  We protected the organ for the construction period.  We designed a 72-pipe fašade that flanks the wooden cross behind the Choir.  The pipes have the look and feel of real pipes.  The three-manual Schantz has forty-one ranks of speaking pipes.  They are all behind the screens out of sight.  The church wanted to see pipes, and we were able to accomplish this with a substantial cost savings over speaking pipes.  Parishioner, Mr. Preston Hayes, also wanted to add an electronic Echo division to the rear of the sanctuary along with a video camera.  He never liked the looks of that addition and asked us to design a false fašade to go in front of the screen. The pipes have an antique gold finish with a polished silver mouth.  They sit on a dark pecan toe board. The pipes are so prominent; the camera hole is less noticeable. The church and organ were rededicated by the skillful church organist Mr. Harrell Phillips.



Great Choir
16' Quintaton 8' Prestant
8' Open Diapason 8' Nason Gedeckt
8' Bourdon 8' Gemshorn
8' Quintaton 4' Prestant
4' Octave 4' Koppel Flute
4' Harmonic Flute 2 2/3 Nazard
2' Super Octave 2' Block Flute
IV Mixture 1 3/5 Quinte
Cymbelstern 1' Sifflute
Carillon 8' English Horn
  8' Bombarde
  4' Schalmei
Swell Pedal
16' Rohrbourdon 16' Contra Bass
8' Viola 16' Bourdon
8' Rohr Flute 16' Rohr Bourdon
8' Viola Celeste 16' Quintaton
8' Flauto Dolce 10 2/3 Quinte
8' Flauto Celeste 8' Spitz Principal
4' Geigen Principal 8' Bourdon
4' Hohl Flute 8' Rohr Flute
2' Octave 8' Quintaton
III Mixture 4' Flute
16' Contra Bassoon II Mixture
8' Trompette 16' Contra Trompette
4' Clarion 16' Contra Bassoon
Tremulant 8' Trompette
  4' Clarion


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