Milnar Organ 


Church Of The Advent

 Brentwood, TN

Project Completed 2005

This 1978 Holtkamp tracker organ was originally built for Christ Church Episcopal in Whitehaven, TN (just outside of Memphis). The church was disbanded and Milnar Organ Company was asked to find a new home for the organ. The organ was purchased by The Church Of The Advent in Brentwood, TN. The new building’s roof was at a much sharper angle than the church in Whitehaven, and the organ could not fit in the room in its original configuration.

The organ had the Swell situated in the middle with C side Great and Pedal on the left and the sharp side Great and Pedal on the right. It was decided that the larger façade pipes must be moved towards the middle in order to conform to the sharp angle of the roof. We explored swapping sides putting C side on the right and the sharp side on the left. This was possible, but cost prohibitive. We ended up swapping enclosures and façade pipes. This went well with minimal modifications. All the façade hoses had to be lengthened, trackers shortened/lengthened and angles of tracker squares re-configured.

It was a challenge, but an exciting one. Working with the architects David Kline and Randy Scott with Kline Swinney Associates, the organ looks like it was originally designed for its new home.














Great Swell Pedal
8' Rohr Gedeckt 8' Gemshorn 16' Pommer
4' Principal 4' Holz Flote Great to Pedal
2' Block Flote 2' Principal Swell to Pedal
III 1' Mixture TC Cornet  


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