Milnar Organ 






First Baptist Church


 Hendersonville, TN


Project Completed  1991



First Baptist Church in Hendersonville was moving from their 800 seat auditorium to an entirely new facility designed by Orr/Houk Architects of Nashville with a 2000 seat auditorium.  Fortunately we were brought in during the early planning stages and with the help of Dr. John Baker Thomas were able to secure proper placement and space for the organ.  The original organ had had its Swell and Choir divisions stacked on two levels.  This caused us tuning problems in the past.  The 16' Principal was also mitered to fit in the chamber.  We straightened the Principals and they became part of the new façade.  My son Todd did such a fine job re-soldering that they looked new without a single seam showing.  We arranged for enough space to install the organ on one level including the twelve ranks we added to the organ.  Even with the additions, we felt the organ would not support the congregational singing properly.  This was overcome by raising the wind pressure in all the divisions and re-voicing the pipes.  The results were well worth the effort.


                                                                                                                                                     Photo by: Ken Stein






Great                         Swell                          Pedal                Choir


16’Quintaton                     8’ Flute A Cheminee         32’ Resultant          8’ Gedackt

8’ Principal                        8’ Viole De Gambe          16’ Principal           8’ Flauto Dolce

8’ Bourdon                        8’ Viole Celeste                16’Brummbass      8’ Flauto Celete

4’Octave                           4’ Prestant                       16’ Quintaton          4’ Principal

4’Waldflote                       4’ Flute Conique                8’ Octave              4’ Koppel

2’ Super Oct                     2’ Flute                              8’ Floetenbass       2 2/3 Nasat

IV Mixture                         1 1/3 Larigot                     8’Quintaton           2’Octave

8’ Festival Trumpet            IV Plein Jeu                      4’ Choralbass        1 3/5 Terz

                                         16’ Bassoon                      4’ Floete               III Scharf

                                         8’ Trompette                     IV Mixture             8’ Schalmet

                                          8’ Bassoon                      16’ Posaune            8’ Festival Trumpet

                                          4’ Clarion                          6’ Bassoon

                                          Tremulant                          8’ Bassoon

                                                                                   4’ Bassoon



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