Milnar Organ 






First Baptist Church


Guntersville, AL


Project Completed 2001



Guntersville, Alabama is a fisherman’s paradise.  There are miles of lakes teaming with fish and fowl.  Boats of all sizes must come close in number to the permanent residents.  It is home to the largest fishing tournaments in the southeast and a very nice place to work.


In the fall of 1999, we were a week away from delivering a new console to the First Baptist Church when we received a phone call from the Minister of Music, Dr. Danny Koonce.  He informed us the church auditorium was destroyed by fire during the night.  The devastation was so complete that all was destroyed including the pipe organ.  It was necessary to design a totally new building from the ground up.  Milnar Organ Company was chosen to build a new pipe organ for them.  Working with the architects Myrick, Batson, Gurosky and the church, we were able to place the instrument above and behind the Choir almost on the central axis of the building.  The façades are speaking polished tin pipes encased in dark cherry casework.  The facade to the left of the baptistery is the Pedal Principal and the one to the right is the Great Principal.  The main body of the organ speaks through the Great façade.  Although the acoustical environment is very dry, there is a good presence of sound.


First Baptist Church Guntersville, AL





 PEDAL                                       GREAT 

16   Bourdon                                              8      Principal                 

 8    Principal                                              8      Melodia                

 8    Flute                                                    8      Dulciana               

 8    Cello                                                   4       Octave                 

 4    Choral Bass                                         4       Flute                      

 4    Flute                                                    2       Super Octave       

16   Trumpet                                             IV       Mixture        

 8    Trumpet                                               8       Trumpet               

 4    Oboe                                                            Chimes                 

                                                                   4       Great to Great


   SWELL                                   CHOIR 

16    Bourdon                                            8      Gamba                 

 8    Viola Diapason                                   8      Gedeckt               

 8    Salicional                                            4       Principal                 

 8    Voix Celeste                                       4       Flute                    

 8    Gedeckt                                           2 2/3   Nazard            

 4    Principal                                             2       Fifteenth               

 4    Koppelflute                                      1 3/5   Tierce             

 2    Flautino                                              1       Sifflote 

 8    Oboe                                                 8       Clarinet                

       Tremolo                                             8       Trumpet

16   Swell to Swell                                             Tremolo

 4    Swell to Swell                                    16     Choir to Choir

                                                                  4      Choir to Choir


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